GraphQL features are explained using NodeJs Express framework. In the end, a brief analysis based on reasoning from proponents and critics.

Express framework is used for this article

If by mistake you are following me : ), then you know that I always try to illustrate concepts with working samples. For this article, I have set-up an application which defines endpoints using GraphQL and performs CRUD operations in MongoDB. You can peek into code or clone from Github:

What is GraphQL

Koa application structure with advance features based on best practices. Koa middleware concept is implemented by different approaches. TypeScript to exemplify its usage in NodeJs.

Koa performance is sightly efficient but definitely more simpler than Express Framework.

Before explaining about the boilerplate, a brief introduction about the Koa framework. Koa is developed by the Express framework team. Few differences between both frameworks, most importantly that Koa is a lite weight and more efficient than express because of the following reasons:

  1. Framework source code on Github is almost…

Advance features in Express framework are covered. Mongoose single and multiple connections handling explained. In a multiple connections, models are created runtime.

Express is one of the most popular NodeJs framework. Every NodeJs developer comes across this framework, it’s simplicity, easiness and extensive support are the reasons for immense popularity. In previous article, I covered Fastify framework which is relatively new but Express popularity never gets less. …

Fastify is creating its space in NodeJs community. This boilerplate has advance features to setup an application with bare minimum customization.

Fastify claims to be more efficient than Express, I do not go into this debate, but I use and like both of them.

As of now, Fastify framework is already popular in NodeJs community, and it claims to process 30,000 requests per seconds. The framework contains many features like logging, detailing request and response schema on routes, validations, hooks to perform before and after operations on specific events, and more features without depending…

Understanding most frequently used queries in MongoDB.

In the Part-III of this series, we covered downloading, installing and configuring MongoDB. Now we are going to highlight the following areas:

  1. Database creation
  2. CRUD Queries
  3. Indexing
Most of the applications have these queries

Follow the steps to practice queries in Studio 3T:

  1. Connect to local MongoDB server from Studio 3T

Setting-up MongoDb and utilizing via graphical user interface client.

In part II of this series, modeling in NoSQL was covered in detail with multiple examples. This article will cover installation:

  1. MongoDB Installation
  2. Installing GUI for MongoDB server — Supported tool.
No Idea, why using this image but article requirement : )

If tools are already installed on your system then you can jump directly to the next article:

1. MongoDB installation on macOS:

Follow the…

This article covers the most important topic in NoSQL as how to efficiently structure collections/documents.

In part-I, SQL vs NoSQL a basic concept was introduced along with the MongoDB fundamentals. This article covers the most controversial, debatable and important topic in NoSQL.

Table vs Collection

I will try to explain a concept with multiple examples. Modeling scenarios may differ in situations depending on requirements. …

In detail explanation about NoSql structure. Concept is explained in detail, quoting different examples.

This series will focus on understanding NoSQL fundamentals and writing queries from the beginner to the advanced level using MongoDB. If you have a concept of NoSQL then jump to the part-II of this series to practice designing a database in the NoSQL.

This article is written considering the features…

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